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BMP treatment can take from 1.5 to 2hrs. Please check out the BMP pre-treatment questionnaire below before you book. You needn't fill it out online - just review it to be sure that you are a candidate for BMP before you book. You will be asked to sign it before your session. 

Thank you



Biomagnetism Pre-Treatment Questionnaire

Are you known to be, or is there any chance that you could be pregnant?

     Y     N

Do you have a pacemaker?

     Y     N

Do you have any other type of battery powered medical implant, including but not limited to: Insulin pump, cochlear implant, shunts, valves?

     Y     N

Have you ever undergone chemotherapy - or is there a probability that you will choose to undergo chemotherapy in the near future (due to a current diagnosis)

    Y    N

Have you taken any 'chemo' drugs such as Methotrexate or Cyclosporine (usually prescribed for lupus)? Click here for a list of chemo drugs if you are unsure. 

     Y     N

Have you undergone - or is there a good chance (due to recent diagnosis) you will be required to undergo, radiation therapy? 

     Y      N


If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may not currently be a candidate for a biomagnetic pairs therapy session. (We can discuss suitability of treatment if you have not yet undergone chemo/radiation). 

I have read and understand the above and have answered NO to all:

Signature:    ______________________________________________

Date:  ___________________________________________________ 

 * You will be asked to read and sign this form at treatment for BMP.  


Contact me by emailing me here:

[email protected]   

It is best to contact me via email.

Phone will be a slower response

Payment: I accept cash, credit card or e-transfer. 

I can also invoice you through paypal.